Happiness: The Most Fundamental Skill in Life

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One of the most fundamental drivers in life and the reason behind everything we do, is our desire to be happy. In other words, our actions are driven by the goal of increasing positive emotions and decreasing negative ones. We all want to be happy.

Unfortunately, many people fail to grasp this concept and believe that what they truly want is the middle ground—possessions, relationships, and other external factors they think will bring them happiness.

However, despite endlessly pursuing happiness, countless individuals remain miserable, unhappy, depressed, anxious, and overly stressed. This is because the modern formula for happiness, which is materialistic and places emphasis on acquiring more, better, and faster, does not work.

Nevertheless, it is possible to achieve unconditional and complete happiness. We simply need to shift our focus from what is not working to what does. If everything we do has the potential to make us happy or unhappy, and different things have varying degrees of impact on our happiness, we need to assess each aspect of our lives to find a new balance.

This may seem easier said than done, but I have already done the work. I can assure you of the possibility of achieving Optimal Happiness, as I have discovered an ultimate and unconditional formula that guarantees happiness today and forever regardless of who you are, where you’re from, or what your life circumstances are.

Making such a bold claim may raise skepticism, as most people struggle to find happiness, let alone maintain it. They have been searching for happiness all their lives and have little to show for it.

However, I know it from personal experience and from training hundreds of people to be happy that this high level of happiness is attainable. I have battled deep depression in my own life and had to figure out how to be happy. I succeeded, and today I can confidently say that I am among the 1% of the happiest people alive. I have a universal and practical formula for happiness that anyone can learn and apply to become incredibly happy, joining the elite 1% of the happiest people alive.

That being said, I can’t teach you to be happy in just five minutes. Happiness is hard, but it is not difficult. It is hard because there are many conditions that must be met to be happy. If even one of these conditions is not met, it becomes harder to find happiness. Unfortunately, most people have multiple unmet conditions, which virtually guarantees their unhappiness.

The good news is that happiness is not difficult because these conditions are not infinite. We can learn what they are and cultivate them in our lives, which will ultimately lead to happiness.

And this is the promise of Optimal Happiness. We teach a formula for happiness that can be learned and applied in our lives today, ensuring that we can live our best and happiest version of life.

So the question becomes: Are you ready to change your life and become your best and happiest self today and forever? Or do you want to continue living a life searching for happiness but never truly experiencing it, hoping for a stroke of luck that may or may not come?

If you answered “yes” and are interested in learning more about a happiness formula that actually works, I invite you to book a free 30-minute call with one of our happiness experts.

Stay happy!

Roman Russo: Author of Optimal Happiness

Roman Russo: Author of Optimal Happiness

Roman Russo wasn't always happy and struggled with his own negative emotions, anxieties, and depression, until one day he pledged to resolve this part of life, whatever it took. The journey took 6 years, but it was worth it. Today, Roman considers himself to be one of the happiest people alive, part of the 1% of the happiest elite, and he now teaches others a working and universal happiness formula to reach a similar goal. He offers his best advice on Optimal Happiness social media, newsletter, blog, and books, and teaches a complete and unconditional happiness formula in his online courses.

6 thoughts on “Happiness: The Most Fundamental Skill in Life”

  1. I couldn’t agree more. Ultimately, if our main goal in life is to be happy, why bother pursuing anything else? While we may find success in terms of finances, material possessions, or achievements, if these things don’t bring us genuine and lasting happiness, perhaps we should consider seeking something else that can have an even greater impact on our overall well-being.

  2. Hope your positive energy and happiness skyrockets enough so you earn money from WordPress.
    A YouTube video once said ‘happiness comes from practising authentic virtue, as opposed to virtue signalling.’ I’m trying not to virtue signal as much as I used to.

  3. My income needs to match my contribution, so I’m trying as much as possible to provide value for everyone, making this website both interesting and educational. I hope I will succeed, but if I don’t, I know I did my best, so I won’t live with regrets.

    It is part of a virtuous living, as you say, and while authentic virtue (not causing harm with deeds, speech, intent, thoughts, etc.) is indeed an admirable way to live, I caution you to do it in a way that doesn’t cause you harm, as it can be challenging in a world that is itself harmful. Still, it sounds like you are on the right track. Keep pushing forward!

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“The problem is that of optimization,” states Roman Russo, author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential. There is plenty of advice on how to be happier or less sad, but no one is speaking about how to become the happiest we can be. And this is the difference that makes all the difference. By not looking at our maximum potential for happiness, we fall short of achieving it. After all, we all have hundreds of ideas on how to be happier or less sad, but most people still feel like they are not living their best lives. As such, Optimal Happiness explores the question of how to be the happiest we can be, regardless of who we are, where we are from, and what our life circumstances are. It proposes a complete and unconditional formula for happiness and explains how you too can become happy today and forever, inviting you to join the 1% happiness elite and become one of the happiest people alive.

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