The Final Answer

Optimal Happiness answers the age-old questions: 

  • What is happiness? 
  • How to be happy? 
  • How to achieve our happiest potential (aka Optimal Happiness)?

These are important questions to consider, as the conventional wisdom of simply being (1) “happier” or (2) “less sad” just doesn’t work, as if we could be happier, we would already be so. This is why we need to use the happiness formula that works.

The goal of achieving a high level of happiness is possible too, as people who go through
Optimal Happiness training report reaching their happiest potential by taking care of this part of life once and for all.

Write Your Own Happiness Success story

Roman Russo is the founder, Chief Happiness Officer, and the leading happiness coach at Optimal Happiness. He is the author of Optimal Happiness, a book that speaks to his own journey of finding true and lasting happiness.

But, Roman wasn’t always happy. Growing up in a middle-class family, he followed the widely accepted but broken formula of happiness that doesn’t work—go to school, get a high-paying job, and fill one’s life with material possessions, such as a house, car, and smartphone. 

However, during the pinnacle of his financial career, his life satisfaction was destroyed by depression and burnout, causing him to quit his high-paying job and set out on a path of self-discovery.

Through this process, Roman found the ultimate formula for true and lasting happiness, and eventually became one of the happiest people in the world. Today, Roman is devoted to helping others reach their own Optimal Happiness by teaching them his life-changing formula.

Become Happy Today

Here at Optimal Happiness, we specialize in helping people who

– Traditional therapy hasn’t worked for,
– Are still unhappy despite everything they’ve tried, and
– Are tired of being unhappy.

Our happiness formula is unconditional, universal, and timeless. It will work for you regardless of who you are, where you are from, and what your life circumstances are (100% results guaranteed).

It will work for you, because it has worked for hundreds of other people. Learn more about our formula for happiness today!