Become Happy, Because You Only live Once

Optimal Happiness answers the question: 

How to be the happiest we can be today and forever in a lasting way? 

This is an important question since being (1) “happier” or (2) less sad is not enough for our psychology. 

We are not satisfied and, therefore, we want more, no matter how much we got. It is a rat race, and even getting everything we ever wanted isn’t enough, as evidenced by the rich and super-rich still getting negative, depressed, and infinitely striving for more. 

Oppositely, Optimal Happiness offers a finish line and exit from this rat race, by making us reach our happiest potential once and for all, as once we are happy, there is nothing else to do, but enjoy our life. We are happy and that’s it. What people will do next is a discussion for another day, as first, we need to become happy.  

In this way, Optimal Happiness makes the following promise: 

We are in business of helping individuals and organizations reach their happiest potential regardless of:

– Who they are;

– Where they are from; and

– What are their life circumstances.

Write Your Own Happiness Success story

Roman Russo is the founder, Chief Happiness Officer, and happiness coach at Optimal Happiness. He is the author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential.

Yet, Roman Russo wasn’t always so happy. Raised in a middle-class family, he followed the modern dominant model for happiness.

It consisted of going to school, university, getting a well-paid job, and buying different things that society associates with a good life, such as a house, car, smartphone, and everything else in between.

At the peak of his financial career, he experienced burnout and severe depression, which led him to quit this well-paying job, leading to a path of self-discovery.

He became determined to discover the ultimate formula for happiness, eventually becoming one of the happiest people in the world.

optimal happiness, roman

Armed with the right tools, Roman Russo shortly discovered that he could help others reach a similar goal, which lead him to found Optimal Happiness, spreading the world of happiness to anyone who was willing to listen to him.

Happiness @Work

In addition to maximizing personal happiness, we are also working with corporations helping them to maximize their organization. We help companies to make the most out of their workforce, by investing in their corporate environment and employee happiness, which, in turn, positively affects their whole business.

Given this training, employees report high creativity, motivation, productivity, persistence, proactivity, ability to deal with stress, and many other aspects of work that are improved in a similar fashion.
In turn, companies enjoy higher output, sales, revenue, client retention, employee retention, fewer burnouts, and general improvement of many other key aspects of the business.

As such, corporations regularly invest in employee training often offering it as one of the benefits to attract and retain their best employees. However, when faced with the usual work-related stress, high workload, and motivation issues, the Happiness @Word training proves, again and again, to be superior to other forms of training.

Building The Happiest People in the World

When I say “we will help people reach their happiest potential,” what I mean to say is that we create the happiest people in the world

As you can imagine, this “potential” will be different from person to person, and situation to situation, but overall we are teaching people to be the happiest they can be given their circumstances. 

Interestingly enough, most people can’t imagine what their happiest potential could be and how they would act in their day-to-day facing, for example, an extremely negative situation once they have the tools of the happiest people in the world. We address these and many other questions once we start working with our clients. 

Right now, what is important is to realize that the happiest people in the world don’t act like most people and they are not motivated by the same activities as most. This is natural since most people are trying to be happier or less sad, most of the time, while the happiest people in the world don’t have the same priorities.

We are talking about a different set of principles, which govern the lives of the happiest people in the world, which in turn make them this happy. 

Of course, Optimal Happiness first invested in studying what makes the happiest people in the world so special, then replicating the formula behind that extreme happiness, and today we are offering our findings to interested individuals and corporations. 

1,000,000,000 Happy People by 2030

Optimal Happiness is on a mission to make 1,000,000,000 happy people by 2030. Yes, it is an ambitious goal, perhaps even unrealistic, but it makes us work harder and dream bigger. 

The plan consists of working with already mentioned individuals and corporations, but also governments, NGOs, and likewise institutions to implement change on a global scale, so even if someone never heard of Optimal Happiness they can still be happy. 

We believe that if more people are happy, then everyone will benefit because of it. After all, happier people are known to be more friendly, altruistic, and conscious human beings. For example, since they are already happy, they no longer need to invest in retail therapy–spend money buying things they don’t really need to feel good about–which positively contributes to the environment.  

All-in-all, happier individuals will be better individuals, and a happier world will be a better world, meaning that it is worth investing in everyone’s happiness. 

To reach this goal, we offer some ideas on how you too can help us to make a difference, such as: reading our blogjoining our growing community, following us on social media (see below), or joining one of our programs. 

Stay happy!