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happiness is possible
Psychology of Happiness

Unconditional Happiness Today And Forever Is Possible

Let’s conduct a happiness exercise right now, together. I ask you, the reader, to participate immediately and contemplate your answer to the following question seriously: – Do you believe that

never enough
Psychology of Happiness

Assume Happiness, Positivity, and Good Vibes

Today, I feel bad, but I don’t know why. So, I decided to meditate on this question by writing about it in my happiness journal, which is essentially a daily

mindfulness flow being present in the moment
Psychology of Happiness

Focused Mind is a Happy Mind

If you’ve ever delved into happiness studies, you might have encountered concepts like mindfulness, flow, and being present in the moment, all of which promise to increase your happiness. However,

Psychology of Happiness

ADHD: Is it Really a Problem or a Normal Part of Life?

“Inside an ADHD mind” is a nickname of one of the regular commenters on my blog posts. And while I understand and respect that individuals struggle with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity

Don't Give Money To Homeless People

Don’t Give Money To Homeless People

Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish, feed him for a lifetime. This expression sounds true for what we are about to

two sides
Psychology of Happiness

There Are Always Two Sides to Every Story

Proverbs 18:17 states, “There are two sides to every story. The first one to speak sounds true until you hear the other side and they set the record straight.” This

Depression Challenge
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

My 30-Day Depression Challenge: What I Learned

Yes, you read this correctly, I made a personal 30-day depression challenge, meaning that during these 30 days I made myself as depressed as possible, which is something interesting and

it doesn't matter
Psychology of Happiness

Why It Doesn’t Matter What We Do Anyway

Recently, I spoke with a client about “death” and whether or not it is a good life motivator. On one side, we don’t want to die, but ultimately we will

morning walk fresh air

Benefits of Morning Walk & Fresh Air

I have adopted a new routine. I’m not entirely sure how it came about, but every morning, as soon as I wake up, I go out for a small 10-15

civil war
Happiness Politics

Civil War: Coming Soon to the USA in 2024?

As you may know, there is an upcoming fictional movie called Civil War (2024) set to be released on April 12, 2024, a few months before the US 2024 election

how to be happier
Psychology of Happiness

5 Ways Happy People Become Even Happier

From time to time, I meet someone who claim to already be happy. However, they are still curious to learn what, if anything they can learn to become even happier.