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Not-To-Do List
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Not-to-Do List: Benefits of Writing It Out

It is not enough to have a to-do list, as it is equally, if not more important, to have a not-to-do list in order to be truly productive and happy.

don't give up
Psychology of Happiness

Stop Giving Up on Your Day Before You Even Start It

Sometimes, when we aren’t feeling good, even something small, like hearing someone arguing, an offhand comment, or accidentally breaking a glass, can destroy our mood, leading us to give up

Psychology of Happiness

Can I Be Negative & Happy?

Being a happiness coach comes with territory as people question if I’m really happy by looking at my words and opinions to try to predict my happiness.

counting problems
Psychology of Happiness

Stop Counting Your Problems

Some people solely focus on their problems, while others focus on positivity. It’s a choice, to count our problems or live in a perpetual paradise.