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money won't buy you happiness
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10 Reasons Why Money WON’T Buy You Happiness

The modern formula for happiness is money related. We believe that we need more money to be happier. However, there is a growing number of evidence suggesting that this formula

In Happytalism there are many different people. It is based on inclusivity.
Happiness Politics

What is Happytalism?

Happytalism is a new economic, socio-political and cultural development paradigm for building societies based on the principle of happiness rather than income.

Financial Happiness
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Your Financial Happiness Fully Depends on You

A mother can work three jobs, unreasonable hours, and push her body over its natural limits trying to earn enough money for her family. She may or may not succeed

Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas Holidays, Happiness, Retail Therapy
Money & Happiness

How Retail Therapy Will Affect Your Happiness

In the aftermath of the 2001 September 11 attacks, often referred to as 9/11, George W. Bush told people to “go shopping,” acknowledging the positive influence of retail therapy on our overall

Basic income shared by Individuals rather Nations
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Universal Basic Income In Favor Of Our Well-Being

I was first introduced to Universal basic income from a book by James Carroll called Utopia Now. Here, basic income refers to a government’s subsidiary program where citizens are given a certain