Happiness is Boring, Scientists Report

Happiness is boring, scientists say. This is not because happy people are boring or because happiness feels boring. Rather, the science behind the study of happiness is monotone and hence “boring.” In other words, virtually every well-researched study is expected to show a positive correlation with happiness. For example:

Examples of Happiness are Boring (Not!)

  1. Happy people earn more money;
  2. They have more, better, stronger, and longer relationships;
  3. They live longer by up to 10 years;
  4. They are less likely to get involved in the criminal or otherwise unethical activity;
  5. They spend less money on “feeling good” products;
  6. They have a higher performance in work, sports, and other areas of life;
  7. They have higher creativity, motivation, productivity, and proactivity.

Essentially, positive people consistently outperform negative ones in virtually every area of life to the point that it becomes “boring” for scientists to research and study.

Unhappiness in Boring

Happiness is boring, a man wearing yellow shirt watching at yellow TV

Actually, if we get technical, happiness can’t be boring since boredom is a negative emotion. Specifically:

  • A negative low energy feeling we can call boredom;
  • A negative high energy we can call hate or anger;
  • A positive low energy feeling we can call calmness or tranquility;
  • A positive high energy feeling we can call excitement or bliss.

Respectfully, predictably, and kinda “boringly,” we know that positive energy is usually associated with high vibrations, and while negative ones with low vibrations, which is another reason why negativity and boredom go together. 

Studying Happiness is Not Boring

Furthermore, writing my book was anything less than boring. In fact, it was fascinating! I love this topic so much that I believe that I always learn something new when reading about it. Every book just gives me a new perspective I didn’t have before. There is a good reason for it too, since above everything else we want to feel happy

Overall, scientists report that happiness is boring in a misleading way. After all, they may find a positive correlation with virtually every beneficiary aspect of life, confirming once again that it is good for our lives. And while it is good for us, often we shy away from happiness, because we don’t understand how fundamental or necessary it is, finding excuses as to why we can’t and should not be happy, like that idea that happiness is boring. 

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