Employee Satisfaction vs Corporate Growth: Is it Not Possible to Have Both?

employee satisfaction

Once, I was talking to a life coach who made a presentation to a company about happiness. The result of their training was a lot of happy employees ready to quit their “dead end job” looking to take a new step in their lives by finding jobs which were more in line with their passions

Obviously, the company was not happy to lose a major part of their work force and arguably this life coach did a terrible job not catering to the corporate needs. Sure, there are many companies full of jobs that in an ideal world no person would want to do. Sure, we all want to work on our passions. But, a corporate training on a topic of happiness does not require losing some key employees. 

In other words, we can make people happier even if they are not doing the sexiest jobs on the market. And this is the whole point for building truly engaging and happy companies in any industry. There are universal and proven techniques that can improve job performance and boost corporate morale, which on many occasions I called “unfair advantage” for corporations and people in their personal lives.

To get more familiar with these proven techniques, I invite you to fill in our corporate assessment form and find out how we can apply Optimal Happiness teaching to your organization today.  

Picture of Roman Russo: Author of Optimal Happiness

Roman Russo: Author of Optimal Happiness

Roman Russo wasn't always happy and struggled with his own negative emotions, anxieties, and depression, until one day he pledged to resolve this part of life, whatever it took. The journey took 6 years, but it was worth it. Today, Roman considers himself to be one of the happiest people alive, part of the 1% of the happiest elite, and he now teaches others a working and universal happiness formula to reach a similar goal. He offers his best advice on Optimal Happiness social media, newsletter, blog, and books, and teaches a complete and unconditional happiness formula in his online courses.

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“The problem is that of optimization,” states Roman Russo, author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential. There is plenty of advice on how to be happier or less sad, but no one is speaking about how to become the happiest we can be. And this is the difference that makes all the difference. By not looking at our maximum potential for happiness, we fall short of achieving it. After all, we all have hundreds of ideas on how to be happier or less sad, but most people still feel like they are not living their best lives. As such, Optimal Happiness explores the question of how to be the happiest we can be, regardless of who we are, where we are from, and what our life circumstances are. It proposes a complete and unconditional formula for happiness and explains how you too can become happy today and forever, inviting you to join the 1% happiness elite and become one of the happiest people alive.

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