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World Kindness Day 2022, awareness
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November 13: World Kindness Day 2023

Today, November 13th is World Kindness Day. As the name suggests, it is an international celebration, established in 1998, the purpose of which is to spread kindness. It is celebrated

anti hijab protest in iran
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Anti-Hijab Protest Sparked by Death of a 22 y.o.

This Friday, in Iran, Mahsa Amini was arrested for not wearing a hijab and her trousers correctly. She later was beaten and died while in police custody sparking a countrywide protest.

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How I Became a Yogi

Approximately 1 year ago I became a yogi after visiting India for the first time. Here, I want to mention that I’m already a Buddhist. But what is Buddhism? Is

Optimal Happiness is on Tiktok
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Optimal Happiness is Now on TikTok!

Optimal Happiness is now on TikTok (@optihappiness)! After starting on YouTube, we are so excited to bring our message to this new platform.  If you haven’t yet checked out our

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Optimal Happiness is Now on YouTube!

We barely made it into 2021 with the Optimal Happiness YouTube channel! I’m sure we’re all looking forward to it. Every seven days, a new video on the topic of