The World After Covid, Ukraine & Russia War, & Much More

Honestly, these last two years have been difficult. With the rise of the COVID pandemic, Russia declaring war on Ukraine, and much more, many challenges have arisen. However, this is not the end of human suffering. In the years to come, we will undoubtedly face new and unforeseen challenges that will impact our lives in significant ways.

For example, Visual Capitalist predicts the following trend.

I’m not trying to be pessimistic, nor do I believe in being “realistic”. Instead, I’m calling for a certain level of rational thinking where we try to predict the future and prepare for the problems to come before they happen.

“As you probably know, negative events are cyclical and negative events happen on a semi-regular basis. We can’t always predict what exactly will go wrong, but we can expect that something will go wrong eventually.”

– from book Optimal Happiness, page 48.

Luckily, in Optimal Happiness, we are preparing for exactly these sorts of eventualities. We provide #happiness regardless of who you are, where you live, and what your life circumstances are (ps: this is our slogan). So while we can’t say exactly what will go wrong and how we will fix it, we can prepare psychologically for these negative events in an efficient way.

Certainly, it is better to face any challenge with a clear head and a positively framed mind. Additionally, we know from research that many of the problems we are facing today or will face tomorrow will automatically be resolved by the simple fact that everyone is positive and happy. It just takes more people to be happier!

Still, one person can make a difference. You can make a difference, at least when it comes to the overall quality of your life. And you will enjoy your life way more, which in my mind is a win-win-win!

So, are you ready to face tomorrow with a smile on your face?

Roman Russo

Roman Russo

Roman Russo is the visionary founder, senior happiness coach, and Chief Happiness Officer of Optimal Happiness. He has written the revolutionary Optimal Happiness: The Fastest and Surest Way to Reach Your Happiest Potential, a must-read book about achieving our happiest potential. After researching this field for over eight years, Roman is confident that anyone can become happy and invites us to undertake this transformation. Are you ready to start living the life you always meant to live?

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“The problem is that of optimization,” states Roman Russo, author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential. Most people will tell you how to be less unhappy or more happy, but no one is speaking about how to be the happiest we can be. And this is the difference that makes all the difference. By not looking at our happiest potential, we fall short of achieving it. After all, we all have hundreds of ideas on how to be happier or less sad, but most people still feel like they are not living their best lives. As such, Optimal Happiness explores the question of how to be the happiest we can be, regardless of who we are, where we are from, and what our life circumstances are. It proposes a complete formula for happiness and explains how to optimize the formula so we can be happy today and forever, breaking down what it really takes to become one of the happiest people alive (spoiler: it isn’t what most people think it is).

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