Weekly Happiness Inspiration

morning walk fresh air

Benefits of Morning Walk & Fresh Air

I have adopted a new routine. I’m not entirely sure how it came about, but every morning, as soon as I wake up, I go out for a small 10-15

Do it yourself

12 Reasons to DIY Instead of Buy It

Buying something is easy, but it can also be expensive. On the other hand, here are 12 reasons why I prefer DIY over spending money.

bad weather happiness
Psychology of Happiness

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Day

When it’s bad weather (rains, snows, or cold) people tend to become negative. However, we don’t have to be unhappy. Happiness is still possible.

Books and happiness
Psychology of Happiness

Read Books If You Want to Be Happy

In April, 2017, I attended a three-day workshop called Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III. Of course, if you know Tony Robbins, you may not


Yoga: What It Taught Me About Happiness

I became a yogi 1 year ago, after visiting India. It was an enlightening & humbling experience. It complimented my already existing buddhist practice.