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Woman alone in a crowd wondering how to be alone and happy
Relationships & Happiness

How to be Alone and Happy?

Our desire to learn how to be alone and happy is a wrong goal. We should learn to build enough positive and deep relationships to feel long-term happiness.

punish, unhappiness, happiness, negativity
Relationships & Happiness

How We Punish Others For Our Own Unhappiness

Often, we don’t realize why our negativity can be so destructive, stating that it is necessary and justified. However, if we study the destructive nature of our negative emotions, we

Happiness Is Not Individualistic
Psychology of Happiness

Happiness Is Not Individualistic

Happiness is not individualistic. There is one general formula for happiness, which is only individual when we focus on the specific elements of happiness.

Bad relationships
Relationships & Happiness

I Got Into a Fight & Lost a Friend

This person was trying to teach me something, but they would not accept my advice, and when I did what they just asked me to do I was met with

Extreme Behavior, man wearing a creepy mask
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Guide to Understanding Peoples Extreme Behavior

People with extreme behaviors can make us uncomfortable, scared, and confused. Therefore, living in a world with 7 billion people, there is a good change we will run into these

50 rule of happiness
Relationships & Happiness

How 50% Rule Will Affect Your Life

In soccer, a team is said to be as strong as its weakest member. One weak player can significantly impact his team’s efficiency, as his teammates will have to compensate