Happy Relationship CV: 10 Questions To Ask From the Start

The quality of our happy relationship will affect the quality of our life. This is why we can’t talk about happiness without addressing relationships, especially the intimate ones. But what makes a good relationship? To answer this question, let’s look at what makes a bad relationship. In other words, let’s look at the most common reasons couples break up and how we can address these issues.

People say that they learn valuable lessons after breakups. They take this newly acquired wisdom into the next relationship, often only to repeating the process. Yet, we can learn from our own mistakes and the mistakes of everyone else. Lets put our relationships to the test by asking 10 questions, an answer to which will either guarantee a good relationship or to proactively prevent a bad one.

Top Happy Relationship Questions

check out this top Happy Relationship questions you should ask for happy and better relationship with good life.

1. What is Your Happy Relationship Goal?

Why do you want to be in a relationship in the first place? Maybe you are afraid to be alone. Or perhaps you hate random hookups and prefer to have something more serious and stable. Perhaps you want to sleep around, and you want to have an excuse to do it.

You need to know the answer to this question both for yourself and your partner, because, maybe, a difference in your goals will create a friction down the line in your relationship.

2. How Much Money Do We Need to Be Happy?

Studies show that over half of all breakups are related to financial issues. This does not mean that you need to hoard all the money in the world, but, definitely, between the two people, you need to have a minimal financial safety (or more if you are planning to have children). Also, it is worth addressing how you both want to spend your money.

One person may want to save as much money for the future, while others prefer to live in the moment. Preferably, couples should be on the same page regarding this financial issue.

happy relationship, a hand holding money from the wallet.

3. Do You Want to Get Married and Have Kids? 

The second biggest reason why couples break up has to do with marriage and children. Often, people disagree on how many kids they want to have, how they will call their children, how or if they will get married.

Of course, almost no one asks these questions on the first date, but a day can come where this question may become essential, and people will find our that their partner might not be ideal for giving them what they want in life.

4. You Are Hot, But is There More to You?

What attracted your partner in the first place? Was it his or her looks, style, jokes, car, dog, or anything else? Maybe it was a combination of these factors. This is important as later, you may realize that these surface factors were too superficial, and you are looking for something deeper, such as humorous, personality, and positive energy in life. Make sure you know your partner’s reasons, too (and that he or she knows yours).

happy relationship, mand hand, and woman hand holding a pair of baby shoes.

5. Are You a Psycho? 

“Please tell me if you are not a psycho” is a question we should all ask a person before dating them. Indeed, at the start of a relationship, we often focus on the positive characteristics of a person, closing our eyes on potential negatives. Still, after some time, these negative characteristics become more pervasive, potentially even leading to a breakup.

As such, more than just your superficial / surface characteristic of a person, it is important to know who the person is on a more in-depth psychological profile. This is precisely why I always state that we should know ourselves (and another person) if we want to be happy. Preferably, it’s best to build this psychological profile over time, as often, we don’t remember ever little way we tick in a moment notice.

6. Did You Ever Do A DNA Test?

Yes, you should do a DNA test and share it with your partner. Of course, he needs to do the same. Certainly, you want to know what allergies, family health history, and other potential physiological conditions you may be walking into.

People often joke this is not something that you need to know on a first date (or ever), but trust me, if you want to be serious with someone, you need to see it.

happy relationship, two people in scientist lab

7. What’s Your Lifestyle?

I am a vegan, and while I don’t necessarily need to date another vegan, my dietary and otherwise lifestyle preferences may affect the type of person I want to date. For example, I may have certain religious views, I am clean, organized, minimalist, and want to have a dog.

These interests can be similar to my potential partner, but, luckily, we don’t have to be similar in every way. Still, the more commonalities we have, the easier it will be happy in the long-run.

8. Do You Have Any Ambition?

Dating in university can be fun because everyone is doing it, and because you never know who you will get. Right now, all students are similar, but later some people may become winners or losers. Who is who? Only time will tell. Of course, we can try to forecast this by looking at person ambitions, which, more often than not, will predict this person’s success in the future.

Similarly, you don’t have to be in the university to ask your partner this question, as later in life, a person can still have big ambitions or have already given up on life.

happy relationship, couple holding each other while walking at the beach

9. Can You Show Me Your CV?

In dating, men are often told not to try to impress a woman with his CV. And yet, eventually, we want to show our partner our CV. There may be information that can be surprising even for couples that spent many years together.

10. What’s Your Kink?

We are social creatures, governed by logic, but also have emotions and desires. As such, when we see a new person who we like, we don’t only think, “I wish I could marry this person,” but also, “I want to sleep with this person.” This is to say that before any relationship comes, the lust faze. We want to be intimate with another person, and often this means that we hope that another person will give us certain kinky favors.

Of course, some relationships are only a pretense to have access for these favors, as otherwise, a relationship will lead to a break up because one partner cannot satisfy the other. As such, make sure that you know what you both like before committing to anything too serious.

happy relationship, a man and a girl sitting in front of their laptop while talking.

Summary of question for Happy Relationship

Often, relationships are not found, but they are built. Also, in life, the journey is often as important as the destination. Still, eventually, we want to address all of the above questions, just in case. I’d say that 95% of people never do it at any stage of their relationship, no matter how long they are together, and they are later surprised that something does not work out! Therefore, if you are in a relationship or eventually get into a one, you want to have a semi-serious conversation about all of the above topics. For sure, asking these questions can make an exciting dinner talk with pasta, wine, and roses. 

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