Education Reform Should Include Happiness Mastery

It is not a secret that the modern education system was created in the 1950th by people like Henry Ford who needed a semi-educated workforce to work on the then modern factory floors. 70 years later, the world has moved forward, but not the education system. 

Unfortunately, the lack of transition isn’t motivated by our inability to improve this outdated school model. Rather, sadly but simply, nobody has bothered to do it until now. And so year after year, all over the world, new political parties win the elections, but nothing changes, despite their grand claims for educational reforms. 

Yes, something is changing, but is it enough? Are we actually applying the best philosophical, educational, and practical practices? Are we not still teaching our children in the similar way they did it in the 50th? Regrettably, the change isn’t coming fast enough, which affects the lives of pretty much everyone in the world.

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Where Change is Happening

We can count those who are doing something about it on two hands: 

There is some consensus over a few things that need to change first. For example:

  1. Hand-on approach to learning will replace lecture-based presentations
  2. Classes will be more interactive, whereas students will be able to walk and talk with other students
  3. Students will have a say in what they are most interested in learning, instead of being told what to learn
  4. Grades will be a part of the past as students won’t have the pressure of performing 
  5. Learning will be life skill oriented instead of general knowledge
  6. Teachers would be only the best in the world who understand the subject on a deep level 
  7. Digital learning will be at least part of the whole curriculum 

Happiness Mastery Will Be Part of Curriculum 

One of the life skills that will be taught in schools will be emotional intelligence, with a particular focus on individual happiness. In other words, people will attend digital happiness classes like those offered on this website. These classes will teach people what it really takes to feel happy and they will be able to structure their lives around these concepts. 

This class is long overdue in modern school reform, as students all around the world are complaining that their emotional well-being is not taken into consideration, that they aren’t happy, they are often depressed, and nobody is preparing them for the soulless and emotionally draining world of business.

In other words, I hope that proper school reform will come before I have my own children, as I can already foresee that I will need to homeschool my children, teaching them the missing life skill, such as creativity, passion for discovery, and happiness, as they are unlikely to learn these skills at schools. 

Best School System I Know

The best school system I’ve heard of is called School of One. I first heard of this system from Eric Ries, author of The Lean Startup, where the author explains that a curriculum would be adjusted to the individual interest and abilities of each individual student. Students would still be assigned to digital classes and work with other students of a similar intellectual level.

As such, every student would: 

  • be able to choose their curriculum
  • only be working on a curriculum that best suits themselves,
  • only be learning things that actually interest that student, and
  • they’d be doing this on a maximum level of their own capabilities.

In other words, that student would: 

  • never work on something that isn’t interested in, or
  • be in a classroom full of people who are either below their level of capabilities or too much above this point.

To me, this sounds like a great, happy, and well overdue school! 

Digital Happiness Classes Today

Luckily, we don’t have to wait for tomorrow to learn the well needed happiness skills, as this website offers a fully comprehensive class on how to become the happiest you. 

This class is for all levels, teaching the A to Z of happiness, A being whatever state of happiness or unhappiness you find yourself in today, and Z being the you maximum happiest potential. 

Learn more about digital happiness classes today here.

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