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Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Top 10: My Recommended Book List

As a published author, I have read many different books on a variety of topics before I wrote my own book. However, since happiness can be defined in different ways

Goals, Growth, & Happiness

$3/Hour Performance Supercharge

Supercharge your performance for only $3 per hour. Outsource any type of work and receive outstanding results for your investment. Stay productive and happy!

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6 Practical Ways to Get Over Yourself

People are constantly crying over: This type of limiting thinking does not benefit anyone, especially you. That is why you need to discard it and get over yourself. Listen to

11 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

13 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture

Are you tired of happiness advice? Then, we got you covered with 11 best books on anti-happiness culture. You might be surprised to read about them in a blog called

Lean Happiness approach
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The Fastest Way To Reach Happiness & Prosperity

I came up with a Lean Happiness approach after reading the Lean Startup book by Eric Ries. Essentially, “lean” is another word for smart and without excess. It is the most efficient

You can define Happiness by different words
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

You Can Define Happiness By Different Words

“You say potato, I say potahto”. You can define Happiness by different words. Recently, I had two different vivid discussions about a topic we both agreed on. The problem is