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$3/Hour Performance Supercharge

Productivity is a pillar of happiness. As such, the more we can achieve, the more we will like ourselves. This is why, sometimes, we want to use an extra productivity

Man trying to get over yourself
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6 Reasons & Ways to Get Over Yourself

People are constantly crying over: •the unfair hand life has dealt them, •the wrongs that others have inflicted upon them, and  •the perceived injustice that needs to be righted by

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Love Your Chores

The following article is an extract from my book Optimal Happiness. Enjoy! Once, I heard praise towards a branch manager who was so down to earth; he did his own

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Why Optimal Happiness Should Be Taught In Schools

Time and time again, we hear that what we learn at schools and universities are facts, known facts. What we don’t learn at school are life skills such as imagination,

11 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture
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11 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture

Are you tired of happiness advice? Then, we got you covered with 11 best books on anti-happiness culture. You might be surprised to read about them in a blog called

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Happiness is a Muscle: We Need to Exercise It

Happiness is like a muscle, because the more we exercise it, the happier we become. The same holds true for unhappiness, whereas our current negativity, leads to more future negativity,

Lean Happiness approach
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The Fastest Way To Reach Happiness & Prosperity

I came up with a Lean Happiness approach after reading the Lean Startup book by Eric Ries. Essentially, “lean” is another word for smart and without excess. It is the most efficient

You can define Happiness by different words
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You Can Define Happiness By Different Words

“You say potato, I say potahto”. You can define Happiness by different words. Recently, I had two different vivid discussions about a topic we both agreed on. The problem is