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Depression Challenge
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My 30-Day Depression Challenge: What I Learned

Yes, you read this correctly, I made a personal 30-day depression challenge, meaning that during these 30 days I made myself as depressed as possible, which is something interesting and

New year resolution 2024
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In 2024, If You Want Something, Go Get It

In 2024, we need to state our new year resolutions so passionately that it has no choice but to become a reality. So If You Want Something, Go Get It

Not-To-Do List
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Not-to-Do List: Benefits of Writing It Out

It is not enough to have a to-do list, as it is equally, if not more important, to have a not-to-do list in order to be truly productive and happy.

don't give up
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Stop Giving Up on Your Day Before You Even Start It

Sometimes, when we aren’t feeling good, even something small, like hearing someone arguing, an offhand comment, or accidentally breaking a glass, can destroy our mood, leading us to give up

counting problems
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Stop Counting Your Problems

Some people solely focus on their problems, while others focus on positivity. It’s a choice, to count our problems or live in a perpetual paradise.

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Why Every Problem Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise, because we need to learn to roll with the punches rather than proclaiming ourselves as perpetual victims of life.

regardless of how you fee
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Push Forward Regardless Of How You Feel

Life is full of challenges and negativity. The cure for negativity is to push through regardless of how we feel, sometimes especially because you feel bad.

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Productivity Hack: Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is a great life hack for being productive during dead pockets of time in our day, such as commuting, gym, or cooking.

killing time
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8 To Do Ideas For When We Are Waiting & Killing Time

I believe that many people are wasting their lives, especially while they are killing time, waiting for the next something to happen. For example, there are a million small moments,

Man trying to get over yourself
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6 Practical Ways to Get Over Yourself

People are constantly crying over: This type of limiting thinking does not benefit anyone, especially you. That is why you need to discard it and get over yourself. Listen to