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Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Top 10: My Recommended Book List

As a published author, I have read many different books on a variety of topics before I wrote my own book. However, since happiness can be defined in different ways

10-point scale best books on happiness
Happiness Review

Happiness Books Review: A 10-Point Scale

After reading 100 happiness books, I now use a 10-point scale to objectively evaluate and distinguish the good from the bad happiness books.

Happiness AI
Happiness Review

What is Happiness According to AI?

AI tech is everywhere. But what is happiness according to AI? AI happiness needs to be the next step to take our society in the right direction.

Happiness Review

Happiness by Design by Paul Dolan (Book Review)

Today, we are reviewing Happiness by Design: Finding Pleasure and Purpose in Everyday Life, by Paul Dolan.  About Author Paul Dolan is a researcher and practitioner of happiness. He is

11 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

13 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture

Are you tired of happiness advice? Then, we got you covered with 11 best books on anti-happiness culture. You might be surprised to read about them in a blog called

Psychology of Happiness

Blue Zones of Happiness – Book Review

What is the Blue Zone of Happiness? They are the geographical locations where there are substantial concentrations of something, in this case, the amount of Happiest people. These zones are