Optimal Happiness is 70% Off on Amazon! Limited Time Offer

Just noticed that there is a promotion on Amazon for my new book called Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way to Reach Your Happiest Potential. Do you already have a copy?

Amazon is giving a 70% off discount on paperback, so only 4$! It is a limited time offer as I’m not sure how long this promotion will continue. Usually, a book costs 12.99$

Optimal Happiness book promotion

You can thank Amazon for this, as I don’t have anything to do with this promotion, nor will I ever sell my book for such a ridiculously cheap price… 

Still, if Amazon wants to offer my book this cheap it’s on them. As an author, I’m still getting the full commission on every sale. I’m just a messenger and I thought I’d let you know!

Here is the link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/9083101010 < US

On Amazon UK the discount is 30%, so before 12.99£ and now 9.99£, which is still a pretty good bargain.

https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/9083101010 < UK

Unfortunately, this promotion is only available on Amazon UK and US and it doesn’t exist in other markets, such as DE, IT, ES, FR, …


Optimal Happiness has a perfect 5 star review from all our readers. It is a hidden gem in non-fiction literature and it will definitely make you happy. If not, message us directly and I will give you your money back. This is how much I believe in Optimal Happiness.

Roman Russo

Roman Russo

Roman Russo is the visionary founder, senior happiness coach, and Chief Happiness Officer of Optimal Happiness. He has written the revolutionary Optimal Happiness: The Fastest and Surest Way to Reach Your Happiest Potential, a must-read book about achieving our happiest potential. After researching this field for over eight years, Roman is confident that anyone can become happy and invites us to undertake this transformation. Are you ready to start living the life you always meant to live?

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“The problem is that of optimization,” states Roman Russo, author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential. Most people will tell you how to be less unhappy or more happy, but no one is speaking about how to be the happiest we can be. And this is the difference that makes all the difference. By not looking at our happiest potential, we fall short of achieving it. After all, we all have hundreds of ideas on how to be happier or less sad, but most people still feel like they are not living their best lives. As such, Optimal Happiness explores the question of how to be the happiest we can be, regardless of who we are, where we are from, and what our life circumstances are. It proposes a complete formula for happiness and explains how to optimize the formula so we can be happy today and forever, breaking down what it really takes to become one of the happiest people alive (spoiler: it isn’t what most people think it is).

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