Why You Should STOP Eating Spicy Food? if You Want to be Happy In 2021

Are spices bad? What? Of course, spicy food can be rather delicious and healthy. So why would I make a grand claim that spicy food is bad for our happiness? To understand this, we need to look at why people eat spices in the first place and how it affects our well-being overall. 

Spicy Problem of Overstimulation

Before writing this article, I wrote a few other controversial yet popular articles, calling for people to stop watching scary movies, listening to music, and not to buy houses or cars unless you are rich. What all these articles have in common is that they contribute to the emotional overstimulation of our minds. In other words, generally speaking, people tend to overstimulate their emotions in many different ways, including, for example, consuming too much social media

Later, when the high level of stimulation wears off, people feel like they are not happy, satisfied, and need some new stimulus, as otherwise, something is wrong in their lives. This becomes a rare race, whereas people are continually looking for something new to do, buy, to go somewhere, and feel anything, to keep this high level of stimuli going.  

Spicy Problem of Overstimulation

In Our Brainwashed Society, We Are Never Satisfied With What We Have

As such, our current society tells people that they should have it all, and they should have it right now. At least, they should work to try to have it all as soon as possible. If they don’t have it, this is precisely the reason why they should feel unhappy, or at least this is what our society is saying. Respectfully, much of our current worldly unhappiness comes from people feeling like they don’t have enough and that they are not enough. 

However, we can proactively reduce mental stimulation to re-learn how to feel comfortable with less. Indeed, this is the basic philosophy behind many world religions, including Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. There, people are told to go into isolation, give up their possessions, and disconnect from the world’s stimuli to connect to God. This is also an advanced philosophy of happiness. 

Spices in Kitchen Hide Flavors of Life and Happiness

In terms of spicy food, the only reason it is bad is that it is so good. As such, in some cultures like India and Turkey, people use spices in their cuisines, sometimes almost in excess, compared to what we use in Europe and the USA. As such, people from these “spicy countries” often state that other cuisines often feel tasteless, while I wonder how in the world do these people feel the real taste of food underneath all that spice. 

As such, the more spice we use in our cuisine, the less we can feel the food’s raw taste. Similarly, overstimulation, generally speaking, hides many flavors of life under the overstimulated feeling of people. This makes us less able to appreciate life overall, and, again, they feel unhappy unless they are living highly stimulated lives full of money, access, and power. 

An image of different food spices on spoon

Why We Need to Stop Consuming Spices Overall

Overall, we should stop consuming spices because we should stop overstimulating our nervous system with things like media, social media, horror movies, cars, houses, money, music, and in many other ways. Sure, this may sound like it is the end of life as we know it—however, many people try to find out that life has so much more to offer. Respectfully, by giving up things like spicy food, it becomes so much easier to feel happy because we don’t have to fulfill many random requirements for happiness imposed on us by society. 

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