There Is No Joy In The Pain Of Others

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“Some people just want to see the world burn” – From Batman The Dark Knight

Some people find joy or happiness in the pain of others, or do they? Here we are talking about any and all maleficent act towards the others, such as vengeance, torture, or even killing another human being, which gives pleasure to someone who is doing this act. However, I am here to tell you that this is not happiness, not the pure type.

Indeed, in order to enjoy the pain of others, one has to go through certain pain themselves. This pain twists the natural way of thinking of an individual to a point where they can rationalize and justify to themselves that hurting other is enjoyable. However, human being is not born evil. There is not a villain on this planet that does not start with a traumatic story. This pain, caused by their past traumas, they take throughout their lives and by comparing this pain to the pain of others, this is where most people find joy! This is to say that all expressions of joy that are coming from the pain of others are really expressions of pain on the side of an individual that is experiencing this joy.

Thus, there is no joy in the pain of others, only pain. And what kind of lives do we have to lead if who we are is really nothing more than traumas that we experienced in the past?

Thus, here is an interesting exercise for you: If you ever feel like doing something bad to others, such as purposefully littering, killing a fly, or saying something bad about another individual, think to yourself where is this negativity is coming from. You may not be able to find the source of it immediately, but perhaps it will be enough to show you that there is some past pain that you have not yet dealt with.

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