Unconditional Happiness Today And Forever Is Possible

happiness is possible

Let’s conduct a happiness exercise right now, together. I ask you, the reader, to participate immediately and contemplate your answer to the following question seriously:

– Do you believe that a complete and unconditional form of happiness today and forever is possible?

Here is my follow-up question:

– Why do you believe so?

Before we proceed, I encourage you to write down your answer. You can do this on a piece of paper, in the comment section of this blog post, or simply note it in your mind. However, I recommend writing it out for future reference.

If you are like the vast majority, you will likely answer “no” to the first question and list your reasons in response to the second question.

Interestingly, as this blog post title suggests, I will challenge your answer by asserting that “yes” a complete and unconditional form of happiness today and forever is indeed possible. I refer to this concept as Optimal Happiness.

You might wonder why it should be possible when so many arguments suggest otherwise. Yet, I have heard virtually every argument against this notion and have addressed most of them in this blog, my book, or my courses. However, I am more than happy to revisit these discussions in the comment section, should you seek answers to your specific questions.

Here, it is important to recall what Henry Ford once said: “Whether you believe you can or can’t, you are right.” Therefore, your reasons for believing that an unconditional form of happiness isn’t possible are precisely why you have yet to achieve your Optimal Happiness.

Moreover, I would argue that the belief that complete and unconditional happiness today and forever isn’t possible is the primary issue. Instead, we should adopt the mindset that it is possible and it is our job to discover why this is the case.

A significant part of my coaching involves providing people with the right information, which I have accumulated over the years, showing that adopting this mindset is not just a mental exercise but also offers real-life benefits. It can transform one’s life into the happiest it can be, turning it into the wonderful adventure we’ve always wanted.

Examples include myself, as I went from suffering a very serious form of depression to becoming one of the happiest people alive, and my clients who have undergone Optimal Happiness coaching. 

I understand that it might still sound unbelievable, but the solution exists right here at Optimal Happiness. I can help change your life and enable you to become one of the happiest people alive. And considering that we only live once, I’d suggest that this is indeed a promise worth exploring to make our lives the best they can be.

Picture of Roman Russo: Author of Optimal Happiness

Roman Russo: Author of Optimal Happiness

Roman Russo wasn't always happy and struggled with his own negative emotions, anxieties, and depression, until one day he pledged to resolve this part of life, whatever it took. The journey took 6 years, but it was worth it. Today, Roman considers himself to be one of the happiest people alive, part of the 1% of the happiest elite, and he now teaches others a working and universal happiness formula to reach a similar goal. He offers his best advice on Optimal Happiness social media, newsletter, blog, and books, and teaches a complete and unconditional happiness formula in his online courses.

3 thoughts on “Unconditional Happiness Today And Forever Is Possible”

  1. The answer is yes I do believe. And why is because I have faith. Faith that this too shall pass if its not so good at the time and faith in being looked after.

“The problem is that of optimization,” states Roman Russo, author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential. There is plenty of advice on how to be happier or less sad, but no one is speaking about how to become the happiest we can be. And this is the difference that makes all the difference. By not looking at our maximum potential for happiness, we fall short of achieving it. After all, we all have hundreds of ideas on how to be happier or less sad, but most people still feel like they are not living their best lives. As such, Optimal Happiness explores the question of how to be the happiest we can be, regardless of who we are, where we are from, and what our life circumstances are. It proposes a complete and unconditional formula for happiness and explains how you too can become happy today and forever, inviting you to join the 1% happiness elite and become one of the happiest people alive.

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