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What Are the Happiest States in the US?

In the world of everything happiness, I want to explore the happiest states in the US. Can you guess which they are? The finding might surprise you!

World United Under One Flag
Happiness Politics

A Happy World Will Be United Under One Flag

“Patriotism is your conviction that this country is superior to all others because you were born in it.” – George Bernard Shaw If you think about it, the idea of

Happiness Politics

Conservatives vs Liberals: Who is Happier?

Conservatives are happier than liberals, says one study. Yet, there are reasons to believe that this is not entirely true. So who is actually happier?

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$3/Hour Performance Supercharge

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Yoga: What It Taught Me About Happiness

I became a yogi 1 year ago, after visiting India. It was an enlightening & humbling experience. It complimented my already existing buddhist practice.

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8 To Do Ideas For When We Are Waiting & Killing Time

I believe that many people are wasting their lives, especially while they are killing time, waiting for the next something to happen. For example, there are a million small moments,

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Optimal Happiness is Now on TikTok!

Optimal Happiness is now on TikTok (@optihappiness)! See our content, get inspired, and follow for more happiness related videos!

Don't Be Mean, Be Nice, No Exceptions
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Don’t Be Mean, Be Nice, No Exceptions

“Be nice” is an advice I gave more than several times, so I decided to write about it. Oppositively, “Don’t be mean” and don’t make exceptions. Here is why.

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6 Practical Ways to Get Over Yourself

People are constantly crying over: This type of limiting thinking does not benefit anyone, especially you. That is why you need to discard it and get over yourself. Listen to