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Read Books If You Want to Be Happy

In April, 2017, I attended a three-day workshop called Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III. Of course, if you know Tony Robbins, you may not

Casual Negativity
Psychology of Happiness

Avoid All Negativity At All Cost

“You are stupid,” someone said to my client. The next thing I know, this person is in my office telling me all about this seemingly innocent remark, ruining their mood,

World Kindness Day 2022, awareness
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November 13: World Kindness Day 2023

This November 13 we are happy to celebrate the international World Kindness Day 2023. During this day, we are expected to give compliments, hugs, and more!

anti hijab protest in iran
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Anti-Hijab Protest Sparked by Death of a 22 y.o.

This Friday, in Iran, Mahsa Amini was arrested for not wearing a hijab and her trousers correctly. She later was beaten and died while in police custody sparking a countrywide protest.

Psychology of Happiness

How to Feel Happy While Being Angry

You can learn to feel angry and happy at the same time. It is an advanced skill, reserved to the happiness masters, but it is within your reach.