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Relationships & Happiness

How We Punish Others For Our Own Unhappiness

Often, we don’t realize why our negativity can be so destructive, stating that it is necessary and justified. However, if we study the destructive nature of our negative emotions, we

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Psychology of Happiness

Most Common Objection to Optimal Happiness

By far, one of the most common objections to Optimal Happiness states something among these lines: “How will Optimal Happiness help a starving children in Africa? or “How will Optimal

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Psychology of Happiness

Why Are We Going Crazy Looking for Unconditional Happiness

Ever wonder why some people behave strangely? We thought about it and the answer seems to be simple. They have not yet found unconditional happiness, so they are just trying different things (often strange things), trying to feel happy.

11 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

13 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture

Are you tired of happiness advice? Then, we got you covered with 11 best books on anti-happiness culture. You might be surprised to read about them in a blog called

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Psychology of Happiness

Happiness is Pets: Get One ASAP! Science Says

In American households, pets enjoy a special privilege. According to Harris Poll, conducted in 2015, an astonishing 95% of interviewed compared their pets to their family members. All their food,