Shocking Top 11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus (COVID-19)

11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus (COVID-19). I’m sick and tired of hearing why coronavirus (COVID-19) is terrible—enough bad news. Let’s look at what is right that can come out from all this situation. After all, there is no bad news without some good news.

11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus

check out these 11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus.

    1. It’s good for our planet – I just read dolphins were seen in Venice’s canals. This miracle is attributed to a decrease in human activity, precisely boat movements in the canals. The canals become so clean that you can see the bottom of the canals and all the fishes that live there. In addition, we see a significant decrease in dioxide carbon worldwide, which is another miracle. It is said that if our planet gets 1 day of breathing space from all the human activity, environmental benefits will be astronomical. It is getting at least 14+ days. Sounds like a wet dream for mother Earth to me. and this one of the best good things from 11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus.
  1. We will act healthier – Our health is under attack, so people are now thinking healthier. More people are working to improve their immune systems, exercising at home, and thinking of what they are putting in their bodies. I foresee astronomical improvements in public health after the end of the quarantine.
  2. Catch up on the other things we want to do – One year ago, I broke my foot, was operated, and was stuck in bed for several months. I discovered many things I could do, something that I didn’t remember or have time to do before. The same will happen right now on a global scale. At first, people will be lost and think of everything they lost, such as their opportunity to go out and be social. In time, people will pick up hobbies and things they always wanted to do, such as Italians who are now playing music on their balconies to pass the time.
  3. We will become more social – Oppositely to what most people think, and we will get more rather than less social. We will do so via the internet and social media. I was already seeing a massive spike of messages from my friends from all over the world. This is to say that while we will be isolated, we will not be alone.
  4. We will reconnect with people that matter – Currently in quarantine, I am with my family, and I will spend over 14 days with them. This would not have happened if not for coronavirus. Moreover, right now, my family is more united than ever. We are strong together, and we are spending time reconnecting with each other. The same is true with my closest friends and many friends I didn’t have as much time to chat before.
  5. People are starting to work online – No more office hours. All over the world, for professions that can work from home, this opportunity will be given to them. Others will now seek more online jobs. Online entrepreneurship will spike, and the effects of this forced change will influence how we do business for years to come.
  6. New online schools/courses/conferences – It is said that today most schools are following an outdated model of classroom learning from the times of Henry Ford and industrialization. In this old model, people are expected to come and sit to classes, listen to the teacher for X hours, and follow a rigid curriculum. Many critics of this old model were preaching online learning to replace this senior way of learning. Finally, we will be given a chance to see if this new learning model is more efficient.
  7. United, we will win – Often, people start to look at each other as enemies in the absence of a common enemy. Oppositely, at times of war, we see a spike in togetherness, compassion, and solidarity. People stop worrying about their small problems, such as a broken nail and start looking at the bigger picture, such as how we can together and overcome this crisis.
  8. War is the time innovation – Faced with a new and unique problem; the brain starts working faster to overcome this new challenge. In this process, new inventions come about. For example, recently, I saw people beginning to using toothpicks to press on buttons in elevators. Why not? My social media is currently full of products, videos, memes, and peoples’ ingenuity.
  9. We will focus on what matters – Will Durant said that nation is born stoic and dies epicurean. He meant that first, people work hard to build nations and achieve their big dreams (nations are born stoic). When these bigger goals are achieved, people relax and stop being as vigilant (nations become epicurean). This is when disaster strikes and people are forced again into being stoic. The same can be said true for today’s society. Today, we spend a lot of time doing things that might not be as important. We pursue luxuries, we complaining about small things, and we buy things that don’t matter. Coronavirus will help us to put things again into perspective.
  10. It’s a time of opportunity – As a bonus bullet point, we can look at a recession as a disaster or opportunity. After all, some industries are crushing, while others are on the rise. For example, it’s a good time to invest in the stock market in these industries currently on the rise, such as toilet paper, pharmaceutics, and mobile / computer games. Is it an excellent time for many online courses? Our imagination and willingness to act are the only limit of our opportunity.

all this 11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus and there are many others Good Things Come From Coronavirus but all this 11 are the top of that. So what will you do to overcome this disaster and to come on top?

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2 thoughts on “Shocking Top 11 Good Things Come From Coronavirus (COVID-19)”

  1. Hello Robert, indeed! I believe that before the coronavirus people were quite mindless, but now everyone are forced to stop and think about what they are doing.

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