On Value of Relaxation, Procrastination, & Doing Nothing

I seriously consider getting a massage. I like it because it gives pleasure to my body and relaxes my tensed muscles. However, every time I feel getting one, I also consider why my muscles feel tense in the first place and why I am not getting enough hugs in my life in the first place.

Thus, the whole discussion of whether to get a massage comes down to whether I am having a balanced life in the first place, as naturally, people do not require any massage. Still, we often conduct our lives to need extra relaxation, relief, and external help to fix something that was not supposed to need fixing.

Thus, we often extensively relax, procrastinate, and want to do nothing. Of course, there is a hedonistic component to the complete relaxation, meaning we get an absolute pleasure out of it. However, in my mind, if our goals are correct, we are living under our values, and we maintain a healthy equilibrium between different pillars of happiness, we are not going to need to relax.

Quickly said, people on a mission don’t have a single moment of the day when they don’t know what they want to do, and indeed, they don’t have a need to escape. Why would they? They are on a mission. Every moment that they are not pursuing their dreams, they are wasting on doing something else.

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