Don’t Worry Be Happy: How to Stop Worrying About Everything

Did you know that the expression “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” originally comes from Indian mystic Meher Baba, but it is best known for Bobby McFerrin’s 1988 song with the same title?

Worry comes from the past and moments of uncertainty. We worry about our exams, work, election, people we care about, health, and countless other things. We hope that certain events will get us the desired outcome, but what if they don’t? We don’t know, but these events are important to us, so we worry. 

How to Stop Worrying About Everything

Personally, I am never worried. This is a big statement, I know, and it can sound unrealistic, arrogant, and narcissistic, but it’s true. Some people can get violent with me just for saying this. They think that I’m not serious about certain situations because I don’t worry about their outcomes, but this is just not true. Worrying for me is toxic and taxing, which is why I avoid it like a plague. 

In fact, worry negatively affect our energy, focus, health, social life, and even our finances, which is why I always say that positivity trumps negativity ten times over. Moreover, we can’t do anything about this worrying situation. So I say let’s wait and see, right?

Moreover, I don’t call myself a happiness coach for anything, as I have a working system for dealing with all the worry in the world in a healthy and sustainable way, which is exactly the topic of this post. This system consists of two elements: distracting ourselves and creating a plan the worrying situation.

How To Distract Yourself Like A Pro

Buddhist monks will tell you that 95% of our thoughts are unimportant or irrelevant, meaning that we spend a lot of time daydreaming or worrying about the future or the past events that don’t have enough importance or will never come true.

Now, we can free this underused capacity and channel it towards something more productive, by the means of a technique called meditation

Meditation teaches us to observe what is happening in our mind, which allows us to choose what we want and don’t want to focus on. Aka, we learn to be able to distract ourselves from the thoughts that we deem unproductive. There is nothing unethical about this either.

We don’t want to be slaves to our thoughts as much as we don’t want to be slaves to our emotions. We don’t want to let them control us, and we want to be in control. If we can do this, we become masters of our minds, destiny, and we stop being social robots, which are reactive machines rather than proactive living human beings.

Create A Worry-Free Plan

Another powerful technique is to Create A Worry-Free Plan, which we can do by thinking objectively about the worrying situation. Specifically, we need to:

1) Decide on what are all the possible outcomes of the situation that causes us to worry. At the very least, we have to decide what are the best and worst-case scenario for this situation. Then we need to,

2) Make a plan for each one of these events, such as what we will do if these case scenarios come true.

3) If we can still do something to improve the chances towards our best-case scenario than we should naturally do it. Lastly,

4) We need to execute on the plan, no matter the outcome.

This worry-free plan works because it tells us exactly what we need to do for every worrying situation in life. We remove the emotion from these events and replace it with a clear step-by-step action plan that is based on logic and probability. 

Say Goodbye To Your Last Worry

so finally you know How to Stop Worrying About Everything. so please Worrying is an unproductive and emotionally draining emotion, which is why we don’t really want to have in our lives, especially since we can avoid it.

As such, if we learn to distract ourselves and if to build a worry-free plan we say goodbye to our last worries and the only thing left to do is to be happy. On this note, I wish you all to have a happy day, week, and life. 

Roman Russo

Roman Russo

Roman Russo is the visionary founder, senior happiness coach, and Chief Happiness Officer of Optimal Happiness. He has written the revolutionary Optimal Happiness: The Fastest and Surest Way to Reach Your Happiest Potential, a must-read book about achieving our happiest potential. After researching this field for over eight years, Roman is confident that anyone can become happy and invites us to undertake this transformation. Are you ready to start living the life you always meant to live?

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