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Psychology of Happiness

Read Books If You Want to Be Happy

In April, 2017, I attended a three-day workshop called Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III. Of course, if you know Tony Robbins, you may not

Casual Negativity
Psychology of Happiness

Avoid All Negativity At All Cost

“You are stupid,” someone said to my client. The next thing I know, this person is in my office telling me all about this seemingly innocent remark, ruining their mood,

Psychology of Happiness

How to Feel Happy While Being Angry

You can learn to feel angry and happy at the same time. It is an advanced skill, reserved to the happiness masters, but it is within your reach.

Don't Be Mean, Be Nice, No Exceptions
Psychology of Happiness

Don’t Be Mean, Be Nice, No Exceptions

“Be nice” is an advice I gave more than several times, so I decided to write about it. Oppositively, “Don’t be mean” and don’t make exceptions. Here is why.

The last excuse for unhappiness
Psychology of Happiness

The Last Excuse for Unhappiness

The last excuse for unhappiness is the point when people are unwilling to do more for their happiness, while also complaining that they are unhappy.

Optimal Happiness, a girl showing her palm
Psychology of Happiness

Most Common Objection to Optimal Happiness

By far, one of the most common objections to Optimal Happiness states something among these lines: “How will Optimal Happiness help starving children in Africa? or “How will Optimal Happiness

Psychology of Happiness

Example of How Optimal Happiness Helped Steve

Can Optimal Happiness (OH) help you? Follow our step-by-step formula and happiness is guaranteed happiness. Here is how it helped Steve with schizophrenia.