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Why I Became a Buddhist, What-is-enlightenment
Psychology of Happiness

Why I Became a Buddhist

News flash, I’m officially a Buddhist! Why I Became a Buddhist? For those who know me a bit better, I was born and raised as an atheist, and that I

Religious tolerance illustration
Limiting Beliefs About Happiness

Religion, Just in Case it is True

There is a great deal of discussion around the topic of religions, so while I do not expect to give a definite answer on whether it is correct or not,

Comparison - Faster Way to Destroy Happiness
Psychology of Happiness

Comparison Is The Thief of Joy

In the book How to Make Yourself Miserable by Dan Greenburg, the author talks state that comparison is the fastest way to become unhappy. To this degree, I propose an exercise:


Overpopulation is Making Us Unhappy

If you follow my work, you will often hear me say overpopulation is a number one world leading problem today. Statistically, it is estimated that there are 7 billion people.

Emotionally Numb vs. Overly Emotional People, happy sad face
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Emotionally Numb vs. Overly Emotional People

A story about emotionally numb and overly emotional people is a story about myself and my struggles. How I Realized, I Am Emotionally Numb At the age of 26, I

Extreme Behavior, man wearing a creepy mask
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Guide to Understanding Peoples Extreme Behavior

People with extreme behaviors can make us uncomfortable, scared, and confused. Therefore, living in a world with 7 billion people, there is a good change we will run into these

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Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Endless Search For Beauty, Perfection, & Happiness

Meanwhile, Marketing offers us something, which is still scarce in our society – beauty. Take, for example, Bollywood. People like to watch movies with dancing, singing, and beautiful dresses because

50 rule of happiness
Relationships & Happiness

How 50% Rule Will Affect Your Life

In soccer, a team is said to be as strong as its weakest member. One weak player can significantly impact his team’s efficiency, as his teammates will have to compensate


STOP Watching TV and News If We Want To Be Happy

Recently, I posted an article on my Facebook wall, which showed images of human-made climate disasters. The article showed several shocking images taken across the world. It excruciatingly depicted them

Unless you are rich don’t buy a new house

Unless You Are Rich, Don’t Buy a New House

Buying a house is considered one of the most significant economic decisions people can undertake on themselves. It is indeed one of the most expensive ones, following by buying a