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Bad relationships
Relationships & Happiness

I Got Into a Fight and Lost a Friend

This person was trying to teach me something, but they would not accept my advice, and when I did what they just asked me to do I was met with

Psychology of Happiness

How Law of Attraction Affects Happiness

Today, I woke up and thought “Wow, I feel rather tired and maybe even sick.” Then, I realized what I was doing and I screamed: “stop it!” Why? Because by

Lean Happiness approach
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

The Fastest Way To Reach Happiness & Prosperity

I came up with a Lean Happiness approach after reading the Lean Startup book by Eric Ries. Essentially, “lean” is another word for smart and without excess. It is the most efficient

Killing Narcissist For Selfless Reasons
Psychology of Happiness

Killing The Narcissist For Selfless Reasons

When I hear someone mention the word Narcissism (or Snobbish), I get super excited. People are getting ready to talk about their values and to judge each other, which is

define hapiness by different words
Psychology of Happiness

You Can Define Happiness By Different Words

You can define Happiness by different words. I had two different discussions we both agreed on. The problem is that we called the same concepts, debate.

There Is No Joy In The Pain Of Others, pain
Psychology of Happiness

There Is No Joy In The Pain Of Others

“Some people just want to see the world burn” – From Batman The Dark Knight Some people find joy or happiness in the pain of others, or do they? Here