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Psychology of Happiness

If You Aren’t Holding It, You Don’t Have It

Imagine, you are at the final stage of a job interview. Everything is going amazing and the recruiter promised you a position. You just need something minor, such as signing

Don't say this
Psychology of Happiness

Don’t Say This, No Matter How Bad It Gets

There is a certain things that should never be said, no matter what happens, how hurt, disrespected, or otherwise negative people become. Period.

optimal happiness, motivation is like math
Psychology of Happiness

13 Mathematical Formulas That Will Make You Happy

For those of us interested in mathematics, I propose 13 happiness formulas that will forever change your life. These formulas will teach you how to look at something so ambiguous

Books and happiness
Psychology of Happiness

Read Books If You Want to Be Happy

In April, 2017, I attended a three-day workshop called Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III. Of course, if you know Tony Robbins, you may not