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Happiness Review

100 All Time Best Happiness Quotes

In this article we have gathered 100 of the best happiness quotes, selected and reviewed based on their 8 years of experience coaching people to be happy.

Optimal Happiness Quotes by Leading Happiness Experts
Happiness Review

Optimal Happiness Quotes by Leading Happiness Experts

Martin Seligman, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, and many other happiness experts mentioned “Optimal Happiness” in their work calling for universal use of this term. This article proposes to officially dub this term for further academic use.

happiness is not a destination
Psychology of Happiness

Why Happiness is a Journey AND a Destination

Happiness is a journey not a destination, because life is a continuous way we lead our lives and not a finite pursuit of money, success, and career.

Roman Russo
Happiness Review

5 Life Quotes by Roman Russo 

The following are the best quotes by Roman Russo, author of Optimal Happiness and a renowned happiness expert.

Depression Challenge
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

My 30-Day Depression Challenge: What I Learned

Yes, you read this correctly, I made a personal 30-day depression challenge, meaning that during these 30 days I made myself as depressed as possible, which is something interesting and