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Psychology of Happiness

Can I Be Negative & Happy?

Being a happiness coach comes with territory as people question if I’m really happy by looking at my words and opinions to try to predict my happiness.

counting problems
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Stop Counting Your Problems

Some people solely focus on their problems, while others focus on positivity. It’s a choice, to count our problems or live in a perpetual paradise.

Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Why Every Problem Is An Opportunity In Disguise

Every problem is an opportunity in disguise, because we need to learn to roll with the punches rather than proclaiming ourselves as perpetual victims of life.

regardless of how you fee
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Push Forward Regardless Of How You Feel

Life is full of challenges and negativity. The cure for negativity is to push through regardless of how we feel, sometimes especially because you feel bad.

bad weather happiness
Psychology of Happiness

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Day

When it’s bad weather (rains, snows, or cold) people tend to become negative. However, we don’t have to be unhappy. Happiness is still possible.

Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Productivity Hack: Listen to Audiobooks

Listening to audiobooks is a great life hack for being productive during dead pockets of time in our day, such as commuting, gym, or cooking.

Develop a sense of humor
Psychology of Happiness

6 Steps to Developing a Sense of Humor

The answer to how to develop a sense of humor is found in 6 easy steps. If starting from zero or want a better humor, this is your solution.