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happiness is not a destination
Psychology of Happiness

Why Happiness is a Journey AND a Destination

Happiness is a journey not a destination, because life is a continuous way we lead our lives and not a finite pursuit of money, success, and career.

Do it yourself

12 Reasons to DIY Instead of Buy It

Buying something is easy, but it can also be expensive. On the other hand, here are 12 reasons why I prefer DIY over spending money.

chess is life
Psychology of Happiness

14 Chessboard Lessons to Win in Life

As a passionate chess player, I have achieved a high score of 1950 in chess, with the engine indicating that my actual score could be as high as 2150, equivalent

6th Love Language is Happiness
Relationships & Happiness

The 6th Love Language is Happiness

The 5 Love Languages is a theory that states that there are five general ways that romantic partners express and experience love. However, those who are familiar with this theory

New year resolution 2024
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

In 2024, If You Want Something, Go Get It

In 2024, we need to state our new year resolutions so passionately that it has no choice but to become a reality. So If You Want Something, Go Get It

Not-To-Do List
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Not-to-Do List: Benefits of Writing It Out

It is not enough to have a to-do list, as it is equally, if not more important, to have a not-to-do list in order to be truly productive and happy.

don't give up
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

Stop Giving Up on Your Day Before You Even Start It

Sometimes, when we aren’t feeling good, even something small, like hearing someone arguing, an offhand comment, or accidentally breaking a glass, can destroy our mood, leading us to give up