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Psychology of Happiness

If You Aren’t Holding It, You Don’t Have It

Imagine, you are at the final stage of a job interview. Everything is going amazing and the recruiter promised you a position. You just need something minor, such as signing

Psychology of Happiness

Traumatic Bonding: What It Is and How to Overcome It

Traumatic bonding is a strong emotional attachment that develops between a victim and their abuser. This bond can occur as the result of intermittent reinforcement, where the abuser alternates between

Don't say this
Psychology of Happiness

Don’t Say This, No Matter How Bad It Gets

In my opinion, certain things should never be said. I don’t care how hurt, disrespected, or otherwise negative we become. There are things that just can’t be said, things like:

Books and happiness
Psychology of Happiness

Read Books If You Want to Be Happy

In April, 2017, I attended a three-day workshop called Unleash the Power Within with Tony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III. Of course, if you know Tony Robbins, you may not

“Go Traveling” Says Happiness Research, happy travels
Psychology of Happiness

“Go Traveling” Says Happiness Research

There’s a reason that “happy travels” is a common phrase – because traveling really does make us happy people. In fact, a study by the University of Vermont found that

Psychology of Happiness

The Fastest Way to Make 50% of the World Happier

The fastest way to make 50% of the world happier is by focusing on one of the most historically discriminated and forgotten groups of people: women.  As a white man,

Casual Negativity
Psychology of Happiness

Avoid All Negativity At All Cost

“You are stupid,” someone said to my client. The next thing I know, this person is in my office telling me all about this seemingly innocent remark, ruining their mood,