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My 6 Pack Is Not Enough
Limiting Beliefs About Happiness

My 6 Pack Is Not Enough

I am happy to announce that I have a 6 pack publicly. I am, however, saddened to say that it is not enough. For years, I was pursuing the idea

Happiness AI
Happiness Review

What is Happiness According to AI?

AI tech is everywhere. But what is happiness according to AI? AI happiness needs to be the next step to take our society in the right direction.

In Happytalism there are many different people. It is based on inclusivity.
Happiness Politics

What is Happytalism?

Happytalism is a new economic, socio-political and cultural development paradigm for building societies based on the principle of happiness rather than income.

Woman alone in a crowd wondering how to be alone and happy
Relationships & Happiness

How to be Alone and Happy?

Our desire to learn how to be alone and happy is a wrong goal. We should learn to build enough positive and deep relationships to feel long-term happiness.

11 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture
Goals, Growth, & Happiness

13 Best Books on Anti-Happiness Culture

Are you tired of happiness advice? Then, we got you covered with 11 best books on anti-happiness culture. You might be surprised to read about them in a blog called

Image of bored kid, happiness is boring
Psychology of Happiness

Happiness is Boring, Scientists Report

Happiness is boring, scientists say. This is not because happy people are boring or because happiness feels boring. Rather, every study shows positive results.

happiness Elusive
Psychology of Happiness

Happiness is NOT Elusive: Here is Why

This can be an excellent play of words, BUT the idea of Happiness is Elusive is also a common misconception or limiting belief.