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My 6 Pack Is Not Enough

My 6 Pack Is Not Enough

I am happy to announce that I have a 6 pack publicly. I am, however, saddened to say that it is not enough. For years, I was pursuing the idea

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Psychology of Happiness

5 Ways Happy People Become Even Happier

From time to time, I meet someone who claim to already be happy. However, they are still curious to learn what, if anything they can learn to become even happier.

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Happiness Review

100 All Time Best Happiness Quotes

In this article we have gathered 100 of the best happiness quotes, selected and reviewed based on their 8 years of experience coaching people to be happy.

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Happiness Review

What is Happiness According to AI?

AI tech is everywhere. But what is happiness according to AI? AI happiness needs to be the next step to take our society in the right direction.