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Optimal Happiness is Now on YouTube!

We barely made it into 2021 with the Optimal Happiness YouTube channel! I’m sure we’re all looking forward to it. Every seven days, a new video on the topic of

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Happiness Politics

Civil War: Coming Soon to the USA in 2024?

As you may know, there is an upcoming fictional movie called Civil War (2024) set to be released on April 12, 2024, a few months before the US 2024 election

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Psychology of Happiness

Being Happy Isn’t Always Rainbows & Butterflies

Optimal happiness isn’t always rainbows, butterflies, and blue skies. Sometimes things just don’t go our way, and we have to do things we wouldn’t otherwise don’t want to do. For

happiness is not a destination
Psychology of Happiness

Why Happiness is a Journey AND a Destination

Happiness is a journey not a destination, because life is a continuous way we lead our lives and not a finite pursuit of money, success, and career.