Master Your Happiness In the 2020 Madness (27/9/20, Amsterdam event)

I’m organizing a Happiness event on “Master Your Happiness” in Amsterdam. I will cover how to survive and thrive in 2020, despite the many challenges we are facing this year. My research predominately addresses what prevents people from achieving true and long-lasting Happiness. The bottom line is that it should not take longer than a year (even less!) to learn how to become the happiest versions of ourselves, while most people chase Happiness all their lives. Come and resolve this area of your life once and for all. Stay safe and happy!

Master Your Happiness Event text:

*** PLEASE PURCHASE TICKET HERE: http://bit.ly/HappyIn2020 ***

Happiness in 2020 is possible?

This year was nothing less of a roller coaster. We have COVID-19, Global Economic Recessions, Trump, Black Lives Matter, California Fires, Australia Fires. This is not to mention other problems like debt, depression, obesity, pollution, overpopulation, gay rights, women’s rights, destruction of natural habitats, extinction of the species, etc.

How can we be happy?

Luckily, Roman Russo states that we can be happy despite all of these setbacks. Roman is the author of Optimal Happiness. He presents a unique view on Happiness whereas everyone can reach their most optimistic potential regardless of the country we are living in, what’s happening in words, and our life circumstances.

To do so, we need to challenge our perception about what happiness is, what makes us unhappy, and what we need to do to reach the happiest version we can ever become.

What distinguishes this lecture from any other study you could attend is that it does not promise the means to an end, such as making more money, which we can use to become happy eventually. Instead, we promise you the result, the Happiness, which we all aim to have in our lives. It is possible to have it, too.

Come to our Masterclass and find out how you can be happy today and forever!

*** PLEASE PURCHASE TICKET HERE: http://bit.ly/HappyIn2020 ***

Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/2462452607388361

Due to crazy 2020, the number of sits is limited, so make sure you pre-buy your ticket to guarantee your attendance!

Location: KW9 > Kromme Waal 9-H, 1011 BS Amsterdam

Event starts at 17h!

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