Happiness Is A Road Not A Destination

Did you know that Happiness is a road not a destination. Have you ever heard that it will run away from you if you chase happiness, but if you ignore it, it will find you? Quite a paradox, wouldn’t you say? The key to understanding it lies in happiness being a road, not a destination. We don’t want to arrive at a finish line, and we are forever and perpetually be happy because this is not how the world works.

Even the rich, powerful, and successful people know that they continue having problems when they achieve what they want. Perhaps it is a different sort of issue, the ones we can call “quality problems,” but issues nonetheless. Few examples of such problems are: How to manage five girlfriends? How can I exit this high tax bracket, which I got into because I get seven-figure income? Or I’m a famous musician, but I will always be in the shadow of legends such as Mozart. Laughable problems to people who don’t have these problems, but issues that cause a lot of concern, sleepless nights, and white hairs for those who have them.

Thus, we will always have problems, but we should accept them and be happy in whatever situation we are in since life is a journey. Most probably, we are just focusing on the wrong things, such as lack of whatever item on our infinite list of desires. As such, we forget that we already have more than enough, and we need to remind ourselves of it with some “gratefulness exercises.” To do so, say: “I’m happy today because I am young, healthy, have a roof over my shoulders, have amazing friends, supportive family,” and so on.

We should continue striving for more success in our lives, simply because humans are not designed to be passive. We always need to be doing something, meaning that anyone who tells you that happiness is found in relaxing, procrastinating, and being idle is only telling you half of the story. Thus, we need to make goals and always work towards something constructive. Yet, we should do it from a position of strength, such as “I don’t need it, but I will do it anyway,” rather than weakness, “I need it, as my life depends on it.”

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