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The easiest and fastest way to contribute to the goal of happy people is by following our social media channels. Your like, comment, or follow can go far to show others that other like-minded people are interested in the topic of happiness, using the social media algorithm to spread this happiness word.
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Join our elite Facebook group and participate in an all-encompassing conversation about the topic of happiness, how to feel happy, and spread this happiness to others all around the world. Every week we discuss a new interesting topic.

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Happiness for everyone else is indeed a powerful goal, but what about ourselves? Sure, having everyone become happy first takes away the responsibility for doing work ourselves (with “taking responsibility” being one of the core happiness concepts). But often, before we help others, we need to help ourselves first, meaning that we need to become happy first. Here are three good ways to do exactly this:
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Nominate Someone

Everyone everywhere can nominate someone for special recognition for their unique contribution to making this world a better and happier place. Twice per year, we review contributions done by different individuals, organizations, and communities. To participate, we ask for at least one nomination you can do via our contact form.

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If you represent an organization and you want to work with Optimal Happiness in any fashion then you can partner with us by sharing knowledge, promoting each other, cohosting events, or partnering in any other capacity. The sky is the limit, so get in touch and let’s discover what we can achieve together.

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With your support, we can achieve our goal of happy people faster. After all, we already have the knowledge, but what we are missing the most is the means to achieve our goal. In this spirit, your financial or otherwise support can expedite our quest for happiness. If you are interested, please let us know and we will tell you how your support can support the cause.

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We are constantly looking for talented individuals who want to contribute to our Optimal Happiness, taking it to the next level and making people’s lives happier in the process. We are interested in many different skill sets. Are you ready to make your impact by joining our team? Then get in touch today!