Coca-Cola Is Not Happiness In A Bottle

Coca-Cola states that it is “happiness in a bottle,” but it is really true?

The primary function of drinking is to put the necessary liquids in our body, which we need regularly. It is suggested to drink around 8 glasses of water or other fluids every day, combined with other water-rich products such as fruits and vegetables.

In a soft-drink industry, which is essentially water with flavor, Coca-Cola is a leading brand, and there are many sorts of Coca-Cola worldwide. There are Coca-Cola Cherry, Coca-Cola Vanilla, Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola, Coca-Cola Light, Coca-Cola Zero, and many others.

Regular Coca-Cola is just that, regular – one of the most recognized and sold products in the world.

Cola-Cola Light, also known as a Diet Coke, is a sugar-free alternative for people aware that excessive amounts of sugar in their diets can lead to health problems, such as diabetes and obesity.

Coca-Cola Zero is a low-calorie alternative for conscious people about how many calories they are putting in their bodies. It is commercialized as a drink with Zero calories, hence the name, but does it has Zero calories, as even a carrot, one of the healthiest vegetables on earth, has calories.

Caffeine-Free Coca-Cola is a product line created for people sensitive to caffeine because, for example, it keeps them awake at night.

The original Coca-Cola formula used to contain cocaine as one of its ingredients, which is where the drink gets its name. It was added to create an addiction to the drink and, consequently, increase sales. The use of cocaine was discontinued after 20 years after its introduction.

With all these variations of Coca-Cola, we see that they are replacing one ingredient with another, always maintaining the taste of the product as close as possible to the original formula.

Essentially, Coca-Cola Light does not have sugar, but it has other artificial sweeteners, which do not solve the health problems. Coca-Cola Zero does not have calories, but it has other chemicals or ingredients that are also unhealthy.

Considering that people drink soft-drinks because they still want to drink something interesting, something with a brand and something that they perceive to bring them more happiness (“happiness in a bottle” – the slogan of Coca-Cola). Water is just too plain, too dull. What I mean by that is that we live in a society of over stimulation, where people are looking for short-term wins, rather than long-term happiness.

In the case of Coca-Cola, the sweet taste of the product satisfies us in the short-term, but processed sugar is like poison. Nearly in the long-term, it kills people. What is more important to enjoy the taste of a drink today or to have a healthy athletic body in the long-term? I will take the muscular body any day.

One other significant criticism for Coca-Cola Co. for me is that it managed to lobby their products to be cheaper than water in specific markets. Of course, Coca-Cola enjoys profitable distribution channels and low production costs. Still, when it is less expensive than water, some people will automatically go for Coca-Cola even though they don’t want it. The bottom line is that water should be cheaper.

Coca-Cola is, of course, only a case study. The majority of products on the market contain high sugar levels or are sold to look healthier than they are. This is the case with all biscuits, supplements, packaged juices, and so on. No sugar-free candies are healthy. If it is not done from natural products and it is in any way processed, it is not good for you. This is why I always refer to 80% of harmful effects in the supermarkets.

But, indeed, drinking only water is boring, so are there healthy alternatives? Green tea and freshly squeezed orange juice are my favorite drinks, but I still have to suggest you drink water and enjoy your long-term health.

I see Coca-Cola as just one of these products, which are mainstream and which are unhealthy. It is a McDonalds of Drinks, and yes if you get it in McDonald’s as well. This shows that this world is far from perfect, and some of the most significant imperfections are in our food, supermarkets, houses, and the economic system overall. We should not buy things just because they are on sale or because we like them. It only shows that perhaps we should get more informed. In A Bottle

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