Optimal Happiness is Different

Often, when people say they are different, but don’t really have a way to back this information up. We are different, and here is why:

  1. We don’t want just to be happy: We want to be as happy as we can be. Interestingly, many people don’t believe this is possible, and/or they don’t know how to achieve this goal of Optimal Happiness. Even mainstream psychology AND positive psychology do not address the goal of happiness optimization. Yet, ultimate happiness is possible and we don’t need to be lucky, special, or to have all the money to achieve this goal. We address this first question.
  2. We are on a mission: For us, happiness is a mission. We want to make the world a happier place because we know that we are making our lives better in the process. There are many reasons why happiness trumps unhappiness and we are passionate about spreading this awareness to the world.
  3. We try harder: Moreover, we are constantly updating our blog, book(s), and programs with the latest knowledge of the field. We are constantly testing different ideas and learning from our mistakes. This growth mentality allows us to be one step ahead of our competitors and, therefore, one day you can come to our website and find it one way, and on a different day, you will find it completely different. Still, our goal is your (and overall) happiness. We hope that you will enjoy it!

Meet Our In-house Author Roman Russo

About Optimal Happiness - Author Roman Russo

Roman Russo is the Published Author of Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential and the leading writer of this blog.

Roman is not defined by only one nationality. He could be Dutch, Russian, or Portuguese. Usually, you can find him in Amsterdam, Netherlands, but also somewhere on the road traveling.

Today, Roman considers himself to be one of the happiest people alive, teaching others how to achieve the same happiness level. Yet, he was not born happy. In fact, for the longest time even, Roman dealt with depression, thoughts of suicide, and many other problems, which are considered today to be “normal.”

“Anyone Can Learn To Be Happy” -Roman

Roman was not always the happiest kid on the block. He did not come from the richest or poorest family. He never was the best in school, lucky in terms of his looks, or gifted explicitly in any other area of life. He was average in many different ways.

Roman followed the happiness model proposed by our society today as much as any other person. He went to school, university, dated, got a corporate job, bought a house, a car, and did every step in the middle. Yet, he still was not happy. Plenty of people who had more than Roman were still unhappy, and plenty of other people with fewer means were cheerful. What was going on? Was the current model of happiness, as it is proposed by our society, broken?

About optimal happinessFixing Happiness Model, By Proposing A New Equation

Many people believe that happiness is individualistic, that it is different from one person to another, and therefore it cannot be measured. Others say that due to negativity bias we are always looking at the worst-case scenarios. Others still say that it is useless to try to be happy since we will always come back to our happiness baseline. Other all there are 1000 reasons why we should not be happy.

Here, in Optimal Happiness, we don’t believe in the unhappiness myth. In fact, we challenge people to feel happy and try to find a reason for why we should be happy. Surprisingly, we find these reasons. This is why we are so passionate About Optimal Happiness teaching people the science and art of Optimal Happiness and how to become one of the happiest people alive. Simply said, we can all be happy today and forever IF we have the right information. Luckily, this is what this whole website is all about.

The Future of Optimal Happiness

If you read About Optimal Happiness until here, we have a special gift just for you. Our gift is a secret update about what we are doing. We want to let you know that Optimal Happiness is always evolving and we are always researching and writing the next best article and book. Specifically, we have 4 more books in mind. We know it is an ambitious plan, but all four books are already in production, and here is a quick overview of these books:

  1. Optimal Happiness: The Fastest & Surest Way To Reach Your Happiest Potential: This is our first book, and it is written, and you can already get it on Amazon. This book talks About Optimal Happiness how an individual can achieve an optimal happiness level in a long-lasting way.
  2. Macro Happiness: This will be the second book on happiness, but contrarily to the first book, it will talk about how to make the whole society a happier place to be. Thus, on a macro level, how do we make our society into a utopia? Again, we believe it is a completely possible dream, which we can make a reality still in our lifetime. 
  3. Happy Consumer: I chose to write about consumption specifically because back in the day, this was my main topic of study, work, and writing. It was the basis of how I got to the idea that we want to be happy above everything else. As such, every day, I see people who are buying products that they should not, consuming things that are detrimental to their self-interest. In turn, this makes people unhappy, which is completely unavoidable.
  4. Happiness at Work: People spend up to 1/3 of their lives working (if not more!). At work, we know that, on average, a happy person outperforms an unhappy counterpart by a significant margin. We also know that companies often have very stressful and negative work environments. Thus, we can conclude that the easiest and fastest way to increase companies’ productivity is to make it a happier place to work overall. Forget expensive corporate training that has doubtful track records. Invest in happiness, and it will be a win-win for both employers and employees. 
  5. Growth and happiness: Often, consulting different people, I wonder if people’s happiness could be avoided. Thus, my logical conclusion is that if we were raised up correctly from the start, we would be happier individuals overall, enjoying many different accumulative benefits of happiness right from the start of our life. Thus, the growth and happiness books will look into what it really takes to grow up into better individuals and avoid unnecessary negativity. This is a book for everyone who wants to learn about themselves and who wants to invest in the happiness of future generations.

The next step for About optimal happiness

Lastly, if you are interested in our website, content, or us overall, you can make an easy next step of supporting us. We don’t necessarily ask for your money, but you can help us financially if you buy one of our books or programs. You can also follow our newsletter or social media, showing others that you believe in our message of happiness. Together, we can make this world a happier place for everyone, making it a happier place for us as well! so that it for this About Optimal Happiness.